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11 August 2014, 09:48

The only change in this release is that the communication between server and clients have been changed from JSON to a binary format. The API documentation holds all the details. Because of the binary format, the usage of Base64 became deprecated, so it has been removed from the protocol.

As usual, a new version of the PHP demo client has also been released.

by Hugo Leisink
9 July 2014, 21:56

Today, a new version of the Hisser server has been released. This server offers support for message notifications via Apple Push Notification Service (APNS), Notify My Android (NMA), Prowl and e-mail. Messages can now also be send via the server at which you have an account. The server will take care of the relaying.

Version 0.3 of the PHP demo client has also been released. This version contains a faster DH library, which allows the usage of bigger crypto keys.

Both new releases can be found at the download page. Next task: writing documentation.

by Hugo Leisink
21 October 2013, 08:55

Yesterday, version 0.2 of the Hisser server has been released. In this new release, we've improved the encryption of the messages. AES256 is used to encrypt the messages itself and Diffie-Hellman is used for key exchange. A unique feature is that Diffie-Hellman values are send along with every message, which can be used to encrypt every message with a new AES key. So, when an attacker wants to read your communication, it has to retrieve the key for every single message instead of just one key for all messages.

A new version of the demo command line client has been released as well. This one supports the different-key-for-every-message feature as described above. Please note that this is a demo client, which has been written in PHP. Because of PHP's limited processing power (compared to C), the Diffie-Hellman library is not very safe.

As usual, both can be downloaded via the download page.

by Hugo Leisink
24 August 2013, 14:09

The first version of the server / web interface has been released. Although it's just the first release and a lot of features are missing and it might contain bugs, it can already be used to send invitations and messages.

We've also released a command line client written in PHP. This is for demo and testing purposes only.

Both can be downloaded via the download page.

by Hugo Leisink
18 August 2013, 11:50

The first post on the Hisser weblog! Although we haven't much to show you yet, this message is to let you know that we're not doing nothing. The clients are still in an early stage of development, but the server development is going good. It's very likely that a first alpha version will be released soon.

In the meantime, we're also doing out best to tell the world about our project. We can use all the help we can get with it. So, please tell others about our free and open source project.

by Hugo Leisink